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    Creating a progress chart showing actual vs planned

    Stephanie Brown

      I am a newbie and attempting to create a view that would show planned performance against actual performance for two quarters of data. I have been able to get two items on the view using dual axis and gantt chart but cannot determine how to add the other two points of data.


      The data consists of:

      Q1 Planned Performance (this is a number 0-100 of where the team plans to be in terms of progress)

      Q1 Actual (what they actually achieved)

      Q2 Planned

      Q2 Actual


      Ideally I would have two shapes - Q1 and Q2 and then a bar showing the progress of actual. A team can move from score of 50 to 75 or digress 75 back to 30. I am interested in seeing both how aggressive teams have been to achieve goals as well as seeing their progress to achieve the goal.


      Spreadsheet is attached of example set. Any help would be greatly appreciated!