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    using curl or python to test Trusted Ticket authentication?

    Dave Rooney

      I'm working on a portal site that will use Tableau Trusted Ticket authentication, but having some trouble generating tickets. One thing I wanted to verify before continuing development was that the web server I'll be using has been properly white-listed for generating TT requests.


      I've run the white-listing command:

      tabadmin set wgserver.trusted_hosts "a.b.c.d, w.x.y.z"

      where a.b.c.d is my intended web server and w.x.y.z is another one I'm using to troubleshoot TT.


      Does anyone know the proper way to send a test POST in order to generate a ticket, just to verify the white-listing?  I've tried via curl and via Python (with the requests module) with no luck.


      curl version:

      curl --data "username=exampleuser" http://webserver.example.com/trusted


      python version:

      import requests

      url = "http://webserver.example.com/trusted"

      postdata = "username=exampleuser"

      r = requests.post(url, postdata)

      print r.text



      Both of these return a -1, which could just be that the white-listing failed somehow, or could be that these are not properly formatted requests. Has anyone tried something similar and met with success?