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    Manually Adjusted Hierarchy Issue


      Hey guys,


      I ran into a seems-simple problem in my current project. The mock packaged workbook is attached for you to play--


      I'm picking data from Teradata (tab 1 in my workbook) and a spreadsheet manually maintained by user (tab 2) then blend them in Tableau. Basically the relational database stores the metrics (sales) by product and associated departments of products. But for virtual goods the users want to see a view reclassifying them out of original depts and rolling up in other place based on their spreadsheet (tab 3), for instance, if it's a virtual product, pick the dept name from spreadsheet, otherwise, keep the dept that comes from database. I created a calc field 'Adjusted Dept' to implement it.


      Now the users need a summary view based on this 'Adjusted Dept' and tab 4 is the best result I can get. Is there anyone else has been through this as well? I'm using Tableau 7.