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    Running Total with Conditions

    Jeff McDonald



      I'm working with a 2 table dataset. One table (Property) contains properties (as in real estate) with the important fields being Name (the unique id), Status and Date Created. The other table (Changes) contains all changes to the properties table with the important fields being Record (which relates to property.name), Date (the date of the change) and field (the property record field name, in this case I only care about Status.


      I want a table style report with the column headers being Month/Year, the rows being customers, and the detail being a running total of the number of records with a Date Created value on or after the Month/Year for each column. That part I know can easily be handled with Tableau's built in Running Total feature. But I also only want to count records with a property.status value of Available. And that will have to be determined by the Changes table.


      Is there a relatively straightforward way of doing this?


      Any advice is much appreciated!