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    Age population graph

    Adrian Mitroescu

      Hi Guys,


      Just a quick question from my side:

      I have a field which shows the distribution of population using a certain service per age group. I would like to have the following: a graph where to see in columns the actual distribution (<18/ 18-30/ 30- 60/ >60) and in the rows to have data from the same field, but as a percentage. So it should look like this:




      |                                         40%                    30%

      |                20%                                                 

      |                                                                                               10%

      |   __________________________________________________________                                                                                         

      0%           <18 yrs           18-30 yrs              30- 60 yrs              >60 yrs


      I have been trying to figure it out, but I can't seem to do it, maybe you have some suggestions?


      Thank you!