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    User views for row-level security

    Divyapriya M



      I have a Geography parameter filter. Based on the user logged in, each user will have access only to a particular set of geographies. I figured out how to get this done by using the User Filters option.


      However, I have an issue here - In my case, user A has access to (say) geographies G1 & G2; user B has access to G3 & G4. There is no common geography I can give all of them access to.


      So, I do not know how to fix the default view of my dashboard. Say, user A logs in, G1 will be there on the parameter filter and he'll be able to see his values. However, when user B logs in, he will still see G1 value on the parameter filter and the entire dashboard will look blank (cuz B is not allowed to see G1 values).


      As I mentioned earlier, I do not have a single geography I can give all of them access to and which I can set as the default geography.


      I do not want the dashboard to look blank once other users log in. That would look really bad. So, is there a round-about way by which I can set a default view or something like that?


      Thanks in advance!






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          Russell Christopher

          Create a "dummy" user who has access to all 4 geographies.and login to Server as that user - The report will show all 4 territories. Publish.


          When User A views the report, they'll see G1 & 2, when User B logs in, they'll see G 3 & 4

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            Divyapriya M

            Hi Russell,


            I tried this. I published the tool under the dummy profile when my geography parameter filter showed G1.


            However, again, when user B logs in, he sees blank on entering, since he is not allowed access for G1.


            As I had already mentioned, I'm using parameter filters here, not the ordinary filters (because of a different reason, forced to use parameters instead of filters). So, is that causing the difference?


            Any immediate hellp on this would be greatly appreciated.


            Thanks in advance!



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              Russell Christopher

              What I was suggesting you do is publish with G1-G4 selected in the filter.

              That way, when user1 logs in, he'll see G1 & G2 (still selected in the filter - G3 and G4 won't even show up)...and when user2 logs in, he'll see G3 & G4.


              Are you seeing something different?

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                Divyapriya M



                Thanks for your response. However, as I had mentioned earlier, I user parameter filters, which do not give the check-box look to select multiple geographies.


                So, I cannot log in as the dummy user and keep all the geographies checked (selected) while publishing the tool.


                Is there any other way out? :-(



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                  Russell Christopher

                  Why not just write a calculated expression that interrogates the user and/or groupname and parameter values?


                  Something like this:


                  IF ([Parameters].[TheParam] = "SomeValue" AND ISMEMBEROF("Security Group 1") AND ([Geography] = "G1" OR [Geography = "G2"))  THEN 1


                  ([Parameters].[TheParam] = "DifferentValue" AND ISMEMBEROF("Security Group 2") AND ([Geography] = "G3" OR [Geography = "G4"))  THEN 1

                  ELSE 0



                  ...you'd set up a filter on this expression to show "1" values.


                  Keep in mind I wrote this off the top of my head without completely understanding what you're trying to do, but I suspect it'll give you a push in the direction you need.

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                    Andy Piper

                    Russell is taking you down the right path. However, if that is not working for you, have you considered using collapsible containers?


                    When nothing is selected, a default message that appears prompting the user to make a selection from the list of geographies. Once a geographic selection is made, the message goes away and the map appears in its place.


                    The default message is simply a calculated field that consists of all text (i.e.:  "To get started, please select one or more geographies from the list to the right."). This calculated field is placed on the TEXT shelf within its own worksheet.


                    To set things up to swap between the message worksheet and the map worksheet, guidance can be sought within the following knowledge base article: http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/creating-sheet-selector-for-dashboard.


                    Hope this gets you going,