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    "Replace References" is slow

    Ey Tan

      We have a variable that is used across a few sheets including filter actions. We want to replace that with another variable for analysis and the process is getting really slow with Tableau program showing "(Not Responding)".


      How can we improve this process?


      We are using Tableau 7.



      Thanks a ton!

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          Robert Morton

          Hi Ey,


          The Replace References process can be slow for data sources which have complex Ad-hoc Groups, Sets or fields with many Aliases. Typically such data sources result in very large workbook files (.twb) or data source files (.tds), but they often compress well so you may not notice the size if you have a .twbx.


          If you find fields which you no longer need and can delete, doing so may reduce the complexity of the Replace References operation.


          I hope this helps,