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    Quick Filters not getting updated when Datasource is refreshed

    DhanabalaSingam Jegannathan

      Hi Any one,


      Hope you are doing good, I am hoping that i will get answer to my question.




      I am having multiple worksheets. Each connects to different data source. and finally built a Dashboard which will have multiple sheets data inherited.

      In one worksheet, i have created a Quick Filter which will display Month in the "mmm yyyy" format in the filter. The filter values are derived from a data source used by the worksheet. Now i have set the filter settings to "All Using This Data source" so that all sections in Dashboard gets reflected with values when i change the Month from one month to other month.


      But this works fine for that month when i published the report. My Data source is scheduled and is getting refreshed every month. When i move from April 2013 to May 2013 my data source is getting refreshed with recent data. so in this case, the filter should also get reflected with new month like April 2013 should get added to the Quick Filter list.

      But it not happening. So the issue is Quick Filters in published Dashboards are not getting updated with data from its data source when the data source is refreshed with data.


      Is there are way or solution to resolve this issue. I am using Tableau 8 and every month i am refreshing the filter in Tableau Desktop and publishing the workbook. Attaching the Dropdown screenshot.



      DhanabalaSingam J