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    Setting Manual Color Coding - Continuous/discrete

    Joyce Haas


      I am creating a view in which i have about 10 columns where each column is a measure created by calculation. It checks whether that column meets a criteria true, false or not applicable. The outcome of each of these columns is always 0, 1 or null.

      I want 1 to be green, 0 to be red and null to be grey (since that means basically 'N/A').


      When I have 1 column with 1 criteria in my view, it does exactly what I want but as soon as i add a second column the color legend switches to continuous and I can't set it to red, green and grey anymore.

      I attached 2 images so you can see what i mean.


      Does anyone know how I can fix this?

      wanted color coding.JPGunwanted color coding.JPG