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    Google Analytics and

    Chloe Riordan

      Hi forum- I'm learning on my way with this-


      Basically I'm focusing on building a report that I'll update monthly for each of our cities.  A large component of this is Google Analytics data, for which each city has a separate campaign set up.  Since each city report is fairly similar to the next, after I created the first report (say for New York) I thought it would be easiest to replicate the report for the next city by just doing 'save as' and then updating the GA data feed for the new city (lets say Chicago) in the new workbook.


      At first I thought it was working great and would be a real time saver-- but the problem is once I updated the GA connection for Chicago, if I go back to the New York worksheet the data feed has also been moved to Chicago.  (I have a lot of cities to work with and don't want so much opportunity for manual error if I forget when I updates the reports).


      Is there a way for me address this issue without recreating the data feed from scratch each time?