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    Can I force the Automatic Axis to make better use of the space in the graph

    . Steveeubanks

      I have a dashboard that contains tables, charts, graphs and actions.  On load, the dashboard displays aggregated totals by date on the graphs.  Selecting an entry on a table activates a filter that causes the graphs to display departmental totals by date.  Because the departmental numbers are a small subset of the overall aggregate numbers, the scale of the graphs changes significantly when drilling down to the departmental display.


      When I use an Automatic axis on the graphs, they force the line graphs to only rise to about halfway up the chart space.  This compresses the multiple lines in the chart (each line is a year), making it difficult to distinguish one line from another.  The problem is most noticeable on the aggregate charts because the year-to-year differences are smaller.  If I use a Fixed axis on the graphs, I can set a scale that allows the aggregate data to display more appropriately (using all the space in the chart), but when selecting a department, the large fixed scale is no longer appropriate.


      See the attached .jpg showing the graphs with different data displayed using Automatic and Fixed axes.


      Ideally, I'd like to be able to use the Automatic axis setting, but I'd like to be able to force Tableau to use all (or say, 90%) of the space on the chart to display the graph.  All that empty space at the top is wasted.


      Is there any way to accomplish this?



      -- Steve Eubanks