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    how can I add a further single unique date to a sales v date line graph?

    Jill Andrews

      Hi all... hope you can help! :-)


      I'm using Tableau 7 desktop and have a series of simple line graphs of product cash sales (y axis) set against date by month over the last year (x axis), divided out by outlet (i.e. a series of line graphs one above another in the same worksheet with a uniform date axis and independent cash axes). However, what I now want to do is add another item to each graph showing the date the outlet switched to use the new product (i.e. a single date)...


      I have tried a variety of methods, primarily based around adding the second date to the column shelf and using a dual axis... but when I do this, the date mark seems to take the total cash sales as its y axis reference and therefore, masively increases the size of my y axis and resulting in an unhelpful and misleading visual (I've pasted a cropped image below showing this so that you can see what I'm describing).



      I realise that I could use annotation instead and just mark the switch date onto each line graph - however, I have over 100 outlets to show and as far as I am aware, I would need to manually annotate each line graph for each outlet at the relevant switch date.


      So basically I'm stuck and out of new ideas to try! Can anyone help?!