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    Stacked Column Chart Percentages

    Jason Aubrey

      Hi Guys,


      Have managed to create a chart with a single column ("To Renew" Group) next to a stacked column chart ("Other" Group).  However, I am now struggling to display in the tooltip the percentage the stacked column charts pieces are as a percentage of the single column.  For example, In renewal month 201301 the total number of "To Renew" records is 105.  The "Other" group consists of two categories "New" and "Renewed".  In the tooltip the 20 customers renewed which I would like to express as 19% (i.e. 20/105).  I would also like the tooltip for the "Renewed" category within the "Other" group to display 67% (i.e. 70/105).  Finally (if possible) I would like to have the total percentage of the "Other" groups stacked bar chart displayed at the top of the chart 86% (i.e. 90/105).  Am new to Tableau so sorry if asking any daft questions but have searched for a similar answer and couldn't quite get anything to work!


      Many Thanks