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    Can I quartile a ranking by coloring the numbers?

    Reto Spescha

      Dear community,

      I am aware of the fact that I can quartile data in chart form via reference lines =>Distribution. However, I would like to be able to colour a ranking of countries and their corresponding figures in text form so that the different quartiles show different colours. Is that possible?


      Or maybe I should let you know what my ultimate goal is: I am ranking the countries of my network according to their achievements in 8 different KPI's. Now I would like to create an overview on one Dashboard showing all countries with their achievements on each KPI. It would be nice to see in which quartile each country is. On one KPI a country may be in the upper quartile, thus the according figure will be colored "green" and in another KPI the same country may be in the lowest quartile, thus the figure will be coloured "red".




      Thanks for your help