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    Medicare Provider Charge Data

    Dustin Smith

      Guessing most people in this group have already seen the data published by cms.gov regarding Medicare Provider Charge data.


      Attached workbook made it's way into my inbox in case anybody wanted to see someone's take on an analysis.

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          Jonathan Drummey

          Thanks, Dustin!


          FYI for anyone looking at this, the standard deviation in the workbook Dustin posted is not weighted by # of discharges per hospital, in our case that makes a huge difference because we have 1/5th to 1/10th the volume the larger hospitals do.


          We did some initial analysis of the data and found it to be of limited use, we really need to look at per DRG/hospital combinations and/or bring in other dimensions. For example, a hospital down the road from us charges 50% less on average for COPD patients, but we offer pulmonary rehab services that they don't, so the higher charge in that case is a largely reflection of more services being rendered rather than something else going on.



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            Dustin Smith

            This right here is why data without context is so dangerous.


            Huge thank you Jonathan.

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              Mark Jackson

              CMS benchmark data might not always be the best thing to look at since the Medicare population is generally older than other payers.