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    How to rename a measure

    Siraj Samsudeen

      Here is a problem I have that I have recreated using SuperStoreSales data.


      I put Category on rows and Sales on Text and I got a table like this:

      Rename measure.png


      Now, there is no heading given to the Sales Amount measure. I want the heading to be "Total Sales". So, I assumed that I will be able to right-click on the SUM(Sales) pill in the Marks panel and rename the field. But I could not find any. So, after doing a little of research in the forum, I came across this post which has a similar problem.




      I tried the following suggestion of creating a calculated field which just has "Total Sales" and dragged it into Columns area and I got a display like this.

      Rename measure 2.png

      Now, I had to right-click on the "Sales Header" and click on "Hide Field Label for Columns" to get to where I wanted.


      Now, my questions are:

      1. Why do I have to jump through so many hoops just to give a heading to my column? Isn't that something everyone does? Is there a reason why rename measure is not available as a right-click option?

      2. What other options are available to achieve what I want? What is the best practice when it comes to renaming measures?

      3. Can I have a global measure name and a local name that is customizable for the current chart? PowerPivot allows something like this - so, I can have a long user-friendly name as the global name. If there are any space constraints in one specific chart, I rename the measure just for that chart to make it shorter. Is something like that possible here?