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    Subtotal Action not working as expected

    Yuvaraj Selvam

      Action on the Subtotal row fetch all the row, and not functioning as expected.

      When Drilling on the Subtotal, the action filter wont apply the desire filter on the result set.Intead it fetch all the values.

      Attached the sample workbook for the same.

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Subtotals aren't 'marks' so they can not drive actions. Hover over one of the marks (numbers) and you get the filter1 action in the tooltip. But if you hover over the subtotal this option won't be available, indicating that Subtotals can't be action filters. This is because subtotal are dependent on the arrangement (and level of aggregation) of the other fields/marks. T can't know if the arrangement/aggregation is the same on the new incoming sheet.




          See next.

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            Yuvaraj Selvam


            For the selecting "Run Action on Select" apply filters on Subtotal, Then try to drill on Subtotal row which fetch all the data in the target sheet without applying any filter.

            Attached the updated worksheet below.


            For the Summary sheet, I drill on the subtotal of Country: A , State: B and District : All which fecth all the values in the detail sheet.

            Summary Sheet:



            Detail Sheet:

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              Shawn Wallwork

              So I was totally wrong on subtotals not being marks, and how they work with actions. Sorry about that. I was able to confirm that the actions you set up in your workbook do behave the way you describe. And it looks like they're designed to behave that way. Maybe Jonathan Drummey has an explanation for why T behaves this way.


              I can't imagine there's a workaround for this but someone might figure out something.



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                Jonathan Drummey

                Fascinating... I hadn't seen this before, and can also see the behavior, even when I tried limiting the number of dimensions in the filter. There are places where the combination of different features in Tableau can cause unexpected results, I think this (Filter Actions and Subtotals) is one of them, I suggest you submit this to tech support.

                Other than using a menu Filter Action or not using subtotals, I haven't been able to come up with any workaround for this. There might be a solution via duplicating data and custom fields to build your own subtotals and grand totals, and that would be a real kludge.