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    converting string to dates

    Antonio Willybiro



      i have a dimension with strings like






      i use the following calculated figure to convert those into dates that tableau accepts:

      date("1/"+ mid(str([reporting_period]),6,2) +"/" + left(str([reporting_period]),4))


      for some unknown reason when doing that i dont have december anymore. any idea why?




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          Alex Kerin

          Can you share a tbwx where this is happening, even if you just have 10 rows of data in there

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            Antonio Willybiro

            attached. on this sample somehow it's october that isnt there anymore. weird.




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              Shawn Wallwork

              Antonio, I see a couple of problems. First your reporting period data has a 2013.1 and 2013.01 that are getting aggregated by your date calc:


              Date Problem.png


              The other problem is that you're calc makes Tableau think you have 11 days in January instead of 12 months in 2013. (It's that whole US vs. European date problem.) Here's the fix:


              1. Change [reporting_period] from a number to a string type (this simplifies the calc).
              2. Put this in your calc: DATE(LEFT([reporting_period],4) + '-' + STR(IF LEN([reporting_period])=7 THEN RIGHT([reporting_period],2) ELSE RIGHT([reporting_period],1) + "0" END))
              3. This Date calc will automatically display US date format. Change this to a custom format of dd/mm/yyyy


              Oddly selecting a European date format from the list (01/03/14) doesn't work; it returns 2013/03/01. Not sure why, maybe a bug. But the custom date format work fine:


              Date Fix.png





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                I have a similar issue, though the solution wouldn't resolve my issue. My dates are stored in a YYYYMM format in a string data type (that's what Tableau calls it, it is a varchar in the source(SQL Server)).

                I tried to user your calc without using the IF statement addition, as mine are always 6 characters long. Can you please look at the calc below?


                DATE(LEFT([billing_period],4)+'-'+RIGHT([billing_period], 2))


                The symbol near this calculated filed shows it as a date type, though when I try to use this dimension all values are NULL.


                Any help would be appreciated.





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                  I forgot to add a '-01' for the day. Once I added it, it worked fine.





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                    Matt Lutton

                    You should be able to convert Strings into dates by simply right clicking on the dimension and choosing "Change Data Type" and then "Date".  This certainly works for the YYYYMM format in a string data type, as my data comes from SQL in this format as well.  Before I start working in Tableau, I set up all my dimensions and measures as discrete/continuous, edit aliases, and ensure all data types are correct.  This helps me reduce the risk of errors and confusion down the road, I think.

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                      I wasn’t able to do that… it didn’t recognize YYYYMM for whatever reason… I found the answer to that question, though you may have replied before you saw that I posted a response to myself. Basically, once I added the ‘-01’ for the DD part, the date came across correctly.


                      I appreciate a response nonetheless.. it was quite quick!




                      Eli Goldner

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                        Matt Lutton

                        No problem.  If you aren't the database guy who is creating the data sources, I would request that dates be set up properly before they get to Tableau if I were you.  This will make life a lot easier--and some of the most common bugs/errors I've found with Tableau include conversions of fields, particularly when publishing to Server with automated refreshes.  The more things are set up before they get into Tableau, the better, in my opinion.

                        Best of luck!

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                          Actually, I am the database guy so I could have converted it (might still revert to it)… though the data is coming from a rather convoluted system which has counter-intuitive rules for data types in columns…


                          I like your idea…




                          Eli Goldner