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    How to create mash-up of two different charts?

    Dan Meier

      I've got a pair of charts from different data sources that I'd like to display together, one overlayed on the other -- a mash-up -- synchronized by date.  One is a list of measurement data from a certain tool (by date); the other is a list of tool maintenance (by date).  We can often see when the tool is "acting up" in charts of the measurement data.  However what's causing it?  The idea is to determine whether tool maintenance is correcting (or causing!) bad tool performance.


      I have attached a worksheet with an example of the separate charts.  (Please ignore the regularity of the measurement data...it's surprisingly difficult to generate truly random data over a large data set!)


      I have also attached a JPEG of the end result I'd like to see.  I just can't quite get there!  Any help would be most appreciated!


      (By the way, I'm using Tableau 8 Desktop.)