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    More Ratio Help

    Ryan Johnson

      Thanks to Shawn, I've got my Win/Loss ratio cooked up in my other worksheets.  But now I'm encountering a different problem.  Before, I was calculating my ratio off of distinct records using an ID field  (QUOTE_ID).  But now the table I'm using to create my ratio has duplicate QUOTE_IDs.  Is there some way to nest a COUNTD function within a calculated field?  I created a calculated field using COUNTD([QUOTE_ID]) but I'm not sure how to use it to get my ratio of quotes won vs lost.  It does give me the correct number of IDs within each row when I plug it in as a measure.


      Any ideas?  File attached...




      PS Even though the file says "for Shawn" people not named Shawn are welcome to reply as well.