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    How to find how I am delivering my orders X% of the time

    Marcelo Konatu



      Imagine hypothetical situation: "We strive to ship 90% of our orders in 4 days" My goal is to create a report that monitors this shipping KPI.


      To accomplish this task did the following (please see the incomplete sample attached):

      1. Built a list of orders and sorted them in ascending order using the "time to ship" measure field.

      2. Create a calculated field on the number of record that shows the % of that particular order within the data set.

      3. With this list I know that I am shipping my orders in 5 days (based on the order 42,429)


      My questions are:

      1. How can I can get only 1 row that shows me when we hit the 90th% mark?

      2. Is there a better/smarter way to accomplish what I am trying to do?