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    How to directly calculate the NPS (Net Promoter Score) on Tableau?

    Riccardo Francioni



      I read the 3d on the NPS but I didn't get the answer



      In general I'd like to know how to make Tableau act on a part of a specific field


      In particular, I need to calculate the NPS from a column with records in range 0-10


      In particular i need something like

      COUNT in the FIELD_1 all the record between 9 and 10, then / TOTAL(COUNT(FIELD_1))


      that amount - (minus)


      COUNT in the FIELD_1 all the records between 0 and 6, then  / TOTAL(COUNT(FIELD_1))


      the result *100



      I MEAN: is there a way to create directly a parameter like that on the formula?



      Thank you in advance for your precious help and I'm sorry if the answer is already somewhere in the forum.