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    Filtering on a bar graph while keeping totals.

    Jonathan Huang

      Hi, I am very new to tableau, so please pardon me if this question is elementary.


      I have a dashboard with the following:


      1. Branch sales with revenue.

      2. Branch employees with sales, quartile and sales target. (filtered on branch when user selects one from 1).

      3. This is the sheet I am having trouble with. Currently, it shows revenue and sales and is filtered on branch (from 1). I would like to add a filter so that when an employee is selected from 2, 3's bar graph will show the that employee's revenue and sales in comparison with the branch. Ideally, it would also say that selected employee generated x% of rev and y% of sales.


      I was able to get bar graph 3 to have be stacked with all employees in the branch as multiple colors, but what I really want is to have 2 colors. The selected employee and the rest of the branch, preferably with labels that show the % of the total. Whenever I filter, sheet 3 just turns into a graph displaying only the selected employee.


      Can someone please help me with this? Thank you very much.