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    Create floating bar chart in combination with scatter and line charts

    Jay Chang

      Is there any way to create something like the attached image using Tableau?  If so, how might I go about doing it?


      The blue dots represent individual points (so some kind of scatter or non-aggregated measure) while the bars represent a min/mid/max range.  The blue line represents a regression line (exponential) while the red line represents the midpoints of the various bars connected together.


      I am presuming that I'd need to blend two data sources together, with one data source being the individual dots while the second data source would represent the data for the min/mid/max bars.


      I can get to this from Excel through a series of overlaid series using different types of charts (all of them use the same axis, so I can throw a bunch of series onto the same chart) but I don't see any way to do this in Tableau.


      This may be a case where Excel is better than Tableau for the visuals.