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    Is there a difference between Desktop and Server handling of Maximum dimension pills placed on Rows shelf?

    Mark Holtz

      We have an embedded view on Tableau Server that details Patients who were involved in a process we call a Patient Investigation.

      We "close" these investigations as they are worked. Our dashboard shows a graphical trend of the volume in the Patient Investigation by the day a patient was added to the work queue, and then we list detailed information about those patients. 


      If there is a delay in generating charges or payments for a patient, our clients often ask if a specific patient was delayed somehow. They give us the name or ID number, which we store in our "Patient ID" field, so we need to be able to filter by it, and then we immediately present other information relevant to that patient.


      While the default view is set to show only those patients who are involved in an OPEN Patient Investigation, we also allow the user to show OPEN+CLOSED investigations. This obviously returns a great deal more volume. On Tableau Desktop, this works fine. But, when we publish to Server, the view just spins and never renders. There isn't THAT much data. (several thousand across our entire company) so it can't possibly be choking on the volume.


      One thing I will point out that we did in this view is that we raised the "maximum level of column labels" (Analysis >> Table Layout >> Advanced) from 6 to 8 so that we could display more than 8 dimension fields on the table on the lower half of the dashboard. I'm wondering if that has something to do with the issue.


      I've included a couple screenshots with personal info redacted.

      The first is from our server view--the default view works fine.

      The second is from Tableau Desktop. This is the only way we can get the view to render. Again, when you click "All" on the Server version, it just spins...


      Can anyone explain what's going on/offer a solution?

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          Matt Lutton

          Mark, just going through some of your content since you contacted me today.  All I can say is that we use a lot of text table views, and are often working with hundreds of thousands of rows of data--and I have never noticed this issue, including when I have increased the maximum number of columns showing.


          Are you utilizing an extract that is automatically refreshed periodically?  I would think this would alleviate any processing problems like this on Server, but I could be misunderstanding the problem.


          Have you contacted support on this one?

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            Mark Holtz

            Hi Matthew,


            Thanks for resurfacing this one--as I had never closed it on the forums. I actually did contact Tableau support. The issue was limited to the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers, Internet Explorer handled it OK, and support helped me correct the issue.


            In Tableau 8, viz rendering defaults to be pushed out to the browser level. In Tableau 7, it always occurred on the server side. There is a url parameter (?:render=false) that be added to the url of the view to control case by case the setting of rendering at the browser level and essentially force the server to render the viz. When I added that url to my, everything worked just fine.


            Additionally, there is a way to set up Tableau Server so that ALL vizzes (sp?) on the server render on the server side using a couple Tabadmin controls (must Run as Administrator command prompt on server, and change directory to the Tableau Server bin directory):

            1. Tabadmin Stop

            2. Tabadmin set vizqlserver.browser.render false

            3. Tabadmin configure

            4. Tabadmin Start


            The issue was not related to the additional dimension pills allowed on the text view.