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    Percentage not working?!




      This is a hair-puller and it should be so simple!  I have attached a packaged workbook.


      My aim: On the dashboard I want to have two tables showing how many people are being bullied.  One will never change (always showing the overall numbers - as it is now) and the other will change according to the selection in the dropdown.


      The table that should never change is under the  the 'OVERALL' text box.


      Then under the 'BY AREA' text box I have a similar table with how many people are being bullied and a drop down box for the likert scale graph.  Whenever someone uses the drop down box I would like the numbers on the bullying table (underneath the BY AREA text box) to change.


      So the idea being that someone can quickly find how many people are being bullied by area BUT always have the top level figure to look at to tell them how many there are in total.


      I've put my data together according to the Data Revelations site for survey data, i.e. brought in the reshaped data (Questions) and then linked it to unshaped data (Demographics).  I have set up two sheets with the bullying figures on - one using data from the reshaped and one the unshaped. 


      If anyone can fix this and more importantly tell me how then thank you very much in advance.