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    broken polygon map

    hilda lee



      We are doing POC with map.


      When we make polygon map, it works well, but when we zoom up very large, it was broken. Resion is South Korea.


      Please check out attached file


      How should I resolve it?


      thanks in advance

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Please post a Tableau packaged workbook, so we can better help you. The red Xs usually mean you've either zoomed into an unsupported level (no map tiles available) or the Urban Map server is down (very unlikely).



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            hilda lee

            Thank you.


            I attached my tableau file in first question memo.


            I think that you are right that it was zoomed into an unsupported level, so how should I resolve it ?


            Should I buy third party map? if so, How to embbed third party map in Tableau?

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              Shawn Wallwork

              Hilda, you'll need to post a packaged workbook. Even though you included the Excel sheet, the twb fails to load. Tableau is looking for something with Chinese/Japanese characters in the title.



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                hilda lee

                Thank you a lot Shawn.


                I was replyed an anwser from Tableau technition like below :


                You will encounter this if the current map provided by Tableau does not that have the granularity for you to zoom into that level of details.


                The only option is to use WMS.  There are commercial WMS providers like ESRI (http://www.esri.com/) or MapInfo (http://www.pbinsight.com/welcome/mapinfo/).


                Alternatively, and this is our suggestion, you can contact UrbanMapping (http://www.urbanmapping.com/).  They are our map provider.  In fact when you do the out-of-the-box mapping, the map is provided by UrbanMapping.  So they may have more detailed map for Korea.


                Please contact them for a start to see if they have such detailed level maps for Korea.  Mention that you are using Tableau.



                We contacted domestic map provider and will co-work with them.


                Thank you everybody for help.


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                  Ian White

                  Hi Hilda


                  Before you go down the WMS route, please have a look at services Urban Mapping offers--WMS means supporting specialized mapping software and related infrastructure. If your organization already has these components in place, it might be a short-term option to consider. However, WMS is a spec that has remain unchanged for the better part of a decade and lacks active development. Not trying to be overly salesy, but the Urban Mapping solution is tightly integrated with Tableau already. Some additional information in other BBS threads.