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    running_sum & null values


      So, i've searched the forum for an answer on this but i haven't been able to find something that works for me. I see lots of similar questions however so maybe i'm just missing something.


      I've got a dataset that represents activity trackers/tickets. I want to have a running sum of ticket counts broken down by a (calculated) type on a week-by-week basis. It will often be the case that there will be no tickets for a certain type on a given week.


      The running_sum doesn't seem to be displaying properly for what i would expect. Even if i have no sales on week 4, i would expect the running sum to be the sum of weeks 1-4.


      Here is an attached workbook.


      What i would like the workbook to show is:

      - the 1 "super high" ticket would be shown on every bar

      - the right most column would have a count of 6. 4 "low", 1 "meh", and 1 "super high"


      I've tried various combinations of ISNULL & WINDOW_SUM & PREVIOUS_VALUE & RUNNING_SUM and could not get things to work.