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    Formatting of parameter drop down vs. quick filters in 8.0 Server

    Chris Moseley

      We are beginning the migration to 8.0.  One of the early issues I've encountered is that quick filters are rendered different in 8.0 Server than in 7.0.   As a result, filter dropdowns look notably different than parameter drop downs on the dashboard (see image below).  They items are idenitcal in 7.0 Server and in 7&8 Desktop but not once published.  This issue is consistent across all major browsers.


      We often use parameters and quick filters side by side on dashboards to allow users to conduct analysis.  Now that they are rendered differntly, it is both aesthetically unappealing and confusing to users. 


      Has anyone else experienced this issue?  If so, any suggestions on how to address this short of a major re-work of data structure and/or a total overhaul of page design? 




      - ctm


      Example Image: Parameter on left / Filter on right.  Note differences in drop down arrow and box color and thickness.

      8.0 parameter v Filter.PNG