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    Splitting fields with comma separated values

    Ellen Pfeiffer

      I have some demographic data that I'm trying to analyze where the customer was given multiple boxes to check, and all of their checked boxes wind up in one field separated by commas.

      For example:

      CustomerID      Children_Ages                                     

      0001                Infant,Toddler,ThreetoFive,Teenage

      0002                Teenage,EighteenPlus

      0003                Infant,Toddler

      00004              None


      I want to know how many people have infants, how many people have teenagers, how many people have no children, but right now all I can see is the different combinations of answers.


      First, I tried if-then statements with contains (ex: contains(Children_Ages,"infant"), or "teenageer", or "none"), but that just returns true for the value that comes first. Basically, I want to create multiple records for each person with one value on each record.


      Is there a way for me to do this?