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    Visualizing Customer Data by balance level (low, medium, high) in a table

    Elliot Fox

      Hello, I am having trouble visualizing customer data in a table that can display by some type of discretionary balance criteria (balance under $500, from $500-$1500, from $1500 to $3000, etc). I have a field called "average daily balance amount" that contains this balance information for every customer in the database. I am hoping to break this field in the "row" criteria so I can display customers of different balance levels. I have tried creating multiple filters on the same fields, but I cannot add the same field to the view twice. I also considered creating multiple calculated fields to create this "buckets" from which I can view customer data. I suspect there must be an easier way to accomplish what I am looking to do though. I tried searching for similar topics on previous forum posts/video tutorials but am still coming up blank. Any suggestions out there? Thanks in advance for your help!