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    Performance Analysis in Tableau 8

    Sk Safi

      Hi  All,


      We can check the performance for individual filter selecting ''Start Performance Recording" in Tableau 8.

      Can we check first load time In Tableau 8 ?

      For Tableau 7 we can check the same using log in Performance Analyzer.

      Is there any Performance Analyzer for Tableau 8?





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          Russell Christopher

          I'm not sure if Interworks is creating Performance Analyzer for v8, you might want to check their blog or website and ask them.


          There is an easy workaround to your problem in v8, however.


          • Add a new data source to your workbook which contains maybe 1 column and a single row of data.
          • Create a worksheet based on that worksheet
          • Drag the worksheet to the front of your list of worksheets.
          • Save and close.


          When you open the workbook the "dummy" worksheet will render using a data source you don't care about. Turn on performance recording and then select the worksheet and/or dashboard you really want to measure. The report which comes back will show the behavior of the dashboard in question when it is rendered "cold".


          Hope this helps!

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            Sk Safi

            Thanks Russell for your suggestion..