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    Need to show tooltip over X axis & Yaxis

    Ratan Samudrala

      Good Morning All..


      I'm trying to find a solution for my requirement but unable to do so from several days. Hence, i'm posting my requirement here where i'm pretty sure that i will get a solution.


      My requirement is:

      In my report, i'm showing calculated date string on x-axis and showing units value on y-axis. In tooltip, i'm showing the desired values.

      I integrate this report into my application from where i can pass my filter through url to my tableau server and shows the desired report.


      But here comes the scenario which i'm facing.. When i selected 52 fiscal weeks... i'm unable to view entire string in axis.

      Is there any way to show entire string or showing the string in tooltip.


      Thanks in advance.

      -Ratan Babu

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Ratan, the axises themselves don't have tooltips, but when you hover over a mark the tooltip should have the full string on your axis included. If it doesn't, you can added it in by editing the tooltip. To make the whole string show in the axis you just need to expand the axis. If you hover at the end of the '..' in the axis you should get a size adjust cursor. It can be hard to get these to pop up for you, especially if you're working at high resolutions, but just keep trying and you'll get it.


          Hope this helps.



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