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    Number Formatting

    Trey Beale

      is there a supported way to convert a % to a base point value. For instance, if YoY growth is up "10%", i would like to display this as "10bps"

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          Justin Emerick

          Hi Trey,


          Welcome to the forums! First, isn't a basis point .1% 10% would be 1000bps...


          Just create a calc field like this:

          [Percent Measure Column]*10000

          If a bps in your org is 1% than use:

          [Percent Measure Column]*100

          *where [Percent Measure Column] is the Measure that has your percentage.


          For the label, you can "edit axis" by right clicking on the axis and add a Subtitle "bps" or you can create a calc field like this:

          str([Percent Measure Column] )+" "+"bps"


          Hope that helps!



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            Justin Emerick

            I spoke to soon,


            There is one more way to do this.


            You still need to create the calc field that multiples the percent measure column by either 10000 or 1000.

            After you do this, right click on your newly created calc field and select "Field Properties"> "Number Format"


            In the Number Format menu, choose "Number (custom)" and add the suffix " bps" (notice the space before bps).


            This will adjust the label and the axis and represent your number in "bps."



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              Shawn Wallwork

              Yes. Set up your YOY growth table calc the way you want it. Then go into the Edit Formula:


              Edit formula.png


              Copy the formula, then cancel back out. Now create a new calculated field, and paste in the formula. Then multiple the entire formula by 100.


              Percent Difference.png


              Now drop this on top of your first table calc so it replaces it. Finally, click the pull down of this pill and click Format. Go over to the Number format and create this:




              You'll end up this this:




              Adjust decimals to taste.



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                Shawn Wallwork

                But mine had pictures!



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                  Trey Beale

                  This was great....worked perfectly!!!