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    How can I create a simple percentage calculation based on already created calculated fields?

    Ian Simpson



      I created a field to calculate the difference between 'ship date' and a 'promise to ship date as follows:


      datediff('day',[SO Promise Date],[Date Shipped])


      Then I created another calculated field to define these as GOOD, OK, or BAD as follows:


      If Avg([Shipment Delay (Days)])<1 then "GOOD" elseif

      Avg([Shipment Delay (Days)])<2 then "OK" else

      "BAD" end


      This all works fine, but now I would like to have a sheet that simply shows the percentage of on time shipments (GOOD field). I might also like to calculate all shipments, all on time shipments, and all late shipments.


      Can anyone help?