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    Tableau Reader crashes even though Desktop opens dashboard just fine

    Jane Yang

      I have built a dashboard using Tableau 7.0 that opens up just fine in Desktop but crashes Tableau Reader. The error I get is attached. Has anyone encountered this before and know how to resolve it?


      Reader only crashes if on the dashboard with custom maps loaded into it. However, I have another dashboard with custom maps that opens up just fine in the Reader, so I'm not sure that's the issue.


      Any insights is appreciated. Thanks!

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          Andy Piper



          I haven't run across the error as you've described, but perhaps we could isolate the problem. In case you haven't tried the following, try the following:

          • Are the Reader and Desktop on the same version of Tableau?
          • Is the problem workbook specific? Do other workbooks load just fine in Reader?


          If two different versions used (i.e.:  Reader is 7.010 and Desktop is 7.0.14, upgrade Reader to same version as Desktop). The latest version is 7.0.14 of each.


          If not workbook specific (happens with all workbooks), consider uninstalling and reinstalling the Reader version - consider upgrading to latest version if not on. Update Desktop as well if need be.


          If workbook specific, then consider:

          • Can you post the workbook?
          • Copy and disassemble


          If you can, please post the workbook causing problems with Reader. This way others can try to duplicate and isolate the problem.


          If you cannot post it (or can, but wish to do more troubleshooting on your own), consider copying the workbook and then remove dashboards (if multiple) or worksheets from dashboards (if only one dashboard with multiple worksheets) - essentially you want to gradually strip out some of the content within the copy, save it back out as a TWBX and bring the new file into Reader. By doing this, hopefully you can isolate the problem to a specific worksheet or object on the dashboard.


          Once you've isolated the problem to a worksheet/object, try to determine if there is something different about that object and if there is another approach that could be taken to accomplish the same task. For example, if you've isolated the problem to an image on the dashboard, try using the image in another format (PNG, BMP, etc). If a particular chart, is there another way to display it that may achieve the same result to the viewer. You may also consider reducing the scope of what's in the worksheet (remove fields from pills), so as to isolate to a specific field or row of data.


          If none of the above work, consider putting in a request to Tableau support.


          Hope this helps,



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            Jane Yang

            Hi Andy,


            Thanks for your response. I had already done what you'd suggested and identified the issue to be workbook specific and related to custom geocoding. Funnily enough, however, I have opened up another workbook with custom filled map geocoding build in Tableau 7.0.12 in Tableau Reader 8.0 just fine. So there's something odd just about this workbook that makes it not play nice with Reader, even though Desktop is happy with it.


            I've put in an order to Support and hopefully they can help resolve the issue. In the meantime, have you ever encountered instances of custom filled map geocoding that has caused such issues?



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              Andy Piper



              I have not run across such issues with custom filled map geocoding. Glad it's working in v8; but if you are sticking with v7 for this project, you could try upgrading to v7.0.14 of the Reader to see if that helps -- perhaps some of the changes in v8 that allow the workbook to display properly made it to the latest v7 update.


              Best of luck,