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    how to calculate week over week differences on a field calculated as %

    Elad Lanir


      I have a dataset combined of data samples taken once a week.

      All in all, I now have about 20 data samples (1 per week)


      In the tableau I calculate a field that is displayed as a percentage of a specific group relative to the total.

      I want to display the difference week over week of that calculated percent, where the difference is not a % increase (or decrease) but a delta of current week from last week.

      For example:

      Current week's value is 35% and previous week's value is 33%, then the WoW change is 2%.


      Also, I want the dashboard to open with a default of current week's value and for the user to be able to select other weeks from a drop down list.


      I found a couple of samples in the forum but couldn't find exactly what I'm looking for.


      Ideas anyone?