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    Fiscal Year (YYYY) not being recognized correctly and changed to incorrect date (YYYYMMDD)

    Taryn Hearty

      Hi there,


      I've been trying to work around an issue for a while, and finally decided to ask a question to see if there is a way to solve this problem for good. My organization works heavily around fiscal year, which in our datasets are coded as YYYY (eg 2012 for 2011/12). The problem is that when I connect tableau to the SQL Server the fiscal year data gets pulled in as DD/MM/YYYY as 7/5/1905 (2011), 7/6/1905 (2012), 7/7/1905 (2013). I can group the dates and re-label them, but then I lose the date aspect of it and I'm not able to graph a continuous line graph.


      Can anyone suggest a way to either


      a) Get Tableau to recognize the YYYY as YYYY when it pulls the data in and therefore keep 2012 as 2012




      b) Force a continuous nature / line graph capabilities onto a created group.


      The help would be much appreciated!!