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    How to add Running Average chart line in a chart?

    Ming Lee



      New to Tableau. Using version 8.0 desktop.


      I have charted a Measure grouped by a Dimension. I get two chart lines as expected. But I need to chart the Running Avg of those two lines. I create a calculated field : RUNNING_AVG(SUM([AvgResponseTime]))


      Then I drop this field into the Colors mark and it gets charted but the problem is that now the other two lines are gone.


      I want the running avg line to show with the normally charted lines.


      Is this possible, if so, how?



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          Justin Emerick



          Without seeing your tableau workbook, I'll preface by saying I'm not sure if this will solve your situation.


          Now, instead of creating a calc field using RUNNING_AVG, do everything you did to get your line graph with just the AvgResponseTime measure.


          Next, hover over the measure, click the down arrow to bring up a list of options and choose "Add a table Calculation." From there, you can add a Running Total calc that summarizes the values as an Average - it essentially creates the same calc field you were using but it'll apply the calculation to the visualization you had before.


          add table calculation.png