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    Missing Map Legend

    Robert Sinclair

      Using Tableau 8.0 Desktop and Server


      When publishing a map, the map legend is not being published as part of the visualization.  I have moved the legend around to different locations on the worksheet to see if perhaps the location had something do with it -- it didn't.  I have republished the workbook to the server several times with no change.  Instead of the legend being published, the area where it's supposed to be is simply blank.


      Missing Map Legend.png


      Even when I open the workbook off the server the legend appears in desktop, but not after it is published and opened in a browser window.  It also does not show up when I open the workbook from within Server Administrator. It is all very strange.


      Does anyone know of a fix for this?





      Update: Just installed first update (8.0.1), both desktop and server.  The update did not correct this problem.


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