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    Trending Issue

    Eric Munisteri

      I have been working on this issue on and off for a coupld of days and found several entries regarding similar issues, but nothing that helps solves my head-banger.  I have a set of ticket data in which there are no entries that fit the filter critera.  Instead of getting the necessary '0' for the trend line, the date is ignored by Tableau.


      The attached workbook contains the trendline.  I am trying to show a '0' (zero) for the week of Apr 21.  There were no tickets that meet the criteria (Queue = 3 and the 'Abondoned' Status Excluded).  The data I am using is a direct connect to a DB, so manipulating the data is not an option.  Is there a way to accomplish what I am attempting to do?  I have included an image of what I am trying to display.  Thanks in advance for you assist!!

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          Eric Munisteri

          Evidently, I need to take spelling classes.  :-)

          coupld = couple
          solves = solve

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            Tracy Rodgers

            Hi Eric,


            One way to do this is to right click on Week(created) on the columns shelf and change it to Discrete. Then, right click on it again and check Show Missing Values.


            Right click on sum(Number of Records) on the rows shelf and select Format... In the format box, choose the pane tab. Then, under Special Values, Marks, select Show at Default Value.


            Hope this helps!



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              Eric Munisteri

              Tracy -


              Gotta love the folks on this forum!  I just returned from my vacation and ran through your instructions.  It works if there is data for the dates following the date in which there is no data (in this scenario, 4/21/2013).  If you set the Created filter to 4/27/2013, the axis no longer displays April 21.  Still working on a work-around, but this scenario should not occur on a regular basis...therefore, it has been answered.


              THANK YOU!!