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    Tableau is confusing my calculations with fields in data source

    Don Thompson



      I have a workbook with 6 datasources (Excel files that have been extracted so I can do Count Distinct).  We've built a large number of calculated fields in the workbook.


      The file was just setup last week, nice and new and clean, but I've started to get "Warnings" when I open the workbook.  The Warning messages are asserting that calculations I've built are going to be ignored because a field with the same name is already defined by a data source.  However, this is not true.  Here's two examples:


                Ignoring calculated field '[AGENT/INTRMDRY]', field is already defined by data source.

                Ignoring calculated field '[LY I/O OT UNITS]', field is already defined by data source.


      [AGENT/INTRMDRY] is a calculated Dimension that essentially renames another Dimension. We've done this because the underlying field has different names on different data sources and we want them to link during data blending.



           [VEND-TYPE]     (this is the name of the field in the data source)


      [LY I/O OT UNITS] is a calculated Measure that narrows down Units we're summing based on certain other criteria.



           IF [YEAR] = "LYYTD" THEN                       (this is a field in the data source)

               IF [INIT-REPEAT] = "I" THEN                  (this is a field in the data source)

                   [AMND ON TIME]                              (this is a separate calculated measure of Units)




      The list of calculations being treated this way is growing.  Last Friday it was 30, but now I've got 54 calcs being "ignored."


      Does anyone know what could be causing this and how I can fix it?



      - Don