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    any Tableau/Oracle users out there?

    Andrew Large

      I'm currently evaluating the Tableau product for my company. I constantly run into issues where Tableau creates Temp tables on Oracle database that exceed the 30 character limit on column names (an oracle limitation).  The result is an error message: Oracle database error 972: ORA-00972: identifier is too long. 


      I already verified with a Tableau Engineer that this is indeed what is happening behind the scenes.  This is a known bug and a fix is planned for a future maintenance release.  However, just wondering what existing Oracle-Tableau customers are doing to address this issue?


      The only "work around" he gave me was to turn-off the ability to create temp tables in Oracle.  This did not work.  I am reaching out to see if anyone in Columbus area has uses Oracle-Tableau and knows any tricks to getting around this issue.  Any help is appreciated!