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    Dynamic Filters

    Robert Crocker

      Does someone have any quick Dynamic Filter tips, tricks or lessons learned? I'm struggling to filter a group of Path ID's by Origin alone. Ex. Selecting Loc 1234 should filter all my paths starting with Loc 1234 leaving me with a distribution map with the Origin of 1234.

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Robert,


          It sounds like a calculated field should be created before to take out the Loc1234 origins then, place the calculated field on the filter shelf. If you post some sample data that looks similar to yours I can show you.



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            Robert Crocker

            The problem I was running into was that the Origin has a Zip Code linked to it and by filter on a single Origin I lose that link between the Origin Zip and Destination Zip that make up each Path ID (this is the line that's mapped).


            To fix this I parsed out the Origin from the Path ID. This allows me to roll up all of the Paths starting with a selected Origin and map both the Origin and Destination Zips on the map. Since the Origin isn't the value being mapped I can use it as an aggregate filter.


            Sorry I don't have any examples to share, the data's confidential


            Thank you so much for the assistance!