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    Things I learned today...

    Shawn Wallwork

      My day started out great!


      • I met a new friend inside Tableau: Brian Lockhart. And he wants to hear/listen to us. (He even subscribes to the Idea section of these forums.) That is a very encouraging bit of info.
      • I learned Alex can string together more than a single phrase, even a sentence, and when pressed a whole lot of phrases! (Though I now wonder if that's really an improvement?)
      • I learned that Jonathan is incredible. (No exclamation point here, as this is just so -- after all he is a Zen Master.)
      • I just now learned that Dustin is listening (since his email just hit my inbox).
      • I learned that I didn't know everything about displaying and paging through images; witness one of the best workbooks posted today:
        • [I tried to find/insert this link without success. A forums challenge.]
      • Johan taught me again that my US-centric bias is not a good thing (though this was completely unintentional on his part), and probably not a good thing for Tableau.
      • I learned that Tableau Customer Support seems to care: They (she) called me. She was nice, understanding & personable. She actually listened.
      • I learned that no matter how active I am on the forums, I will never catch Tracy. I have been chasing her off & on for months, and I am always 1300 points behind.


      Tracy, I bow to you -- you are the total Forums Master!