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    Exports don't use current data

    Ryan Engelhaupt

      I am using Tableau server 8. I have a workbook with one sheet that I published. I am using the tabcmd in a bat file to pull an export of this sheet into a csv file. Everything works great except the data it pulls is not current. I am using a Microsoft SQL server. The data connection was setup to be a live connection. When I open the workbook with the URL, it has the current data. When I run the tabcmd it only pulls the data that was available when the workbook was published. Not sure how to fix this one.


      Here is the tabcmd script that I am using.


      "c:\Tabcmd\Command Line Utility\tabcmd.exe" login -s http://Myserver -u XXXXXXXX -p XXXXXXXX

      "c:\Tabcmd\Command Line Utility\tabcmd.exe" get "/views/InventoryQuantity/Sheet1.csv" -f "\\FileServer\Tableau\inventory%date:~4,2%-%date:~7,2%-%date:~12,2%.csv"

      "c:\Tabcmd\Command Line Utility\tabcmd.exe" logout


      This gives me a file with the date in it's name (inventory04-30-13.csv)