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    Error loading packaged workbook

    Joe Ward



      I have another issue, separate from one I posted earlier.  This time, I have a workbook that was working fine in Tableau Desktop 8.  When trying to load it as an Interactor (I believe the one that created it, but that doesn't seem to matter), I receive the message below.  Nothing has changed with the data source, and in fact, I can create a new workbook with the data source with no problems whatsoever.


      DataValue::MakeSpecial: bad argument


      Clicking OK opens the workbook without the data source and gives me this error for each worksheet in one dialog box.


      The worksheet "My Worksheet" has not been opened because it is based on the data source "My Dataset", which could not be opened.


      When I log in as a system administrator, I get the same errors.  If I log in as the same system administrator, but under a different site, I get the below message with an error attached:



      There was a problem connecting to the data source "My Dataset".  Would you like to edit the connection information?



      No datasource 'MyDataset' found in repository

      class DataSourceException

      Unable to connect to the server "myServer". Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database.

      Error: Unable to connect to this Tableau Server data source.


      I can click on "Yes" and edit the connection information, but what's in there isn't correct.  We'd like to be able to rescue this workbook- all or part, just so we won't have to start from scratch.  Thanks in advance.