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    Zip Codes and County geographies on the same map

    Stacy Lang

      I'm not sure there's a way to do this so I've been using a paint program to fix LA County but I will throw it out here in the hopes that we CAN do it.


      I have to assign Territories based on certain company-driven data. And of course LA County is always the difficulty. Because of this we've split LA County along zip code lines into 4 territories (one of which actually becomes an adjunct of Ventura County). So in order to do a nice territory map I need to use both County data and zip code data on the same map. I'm totally unsure if this is possible or how to go about doing it.


      I've tried doing a dual axis map with the county being at detail level on a filled map on one axis and then the zip codes on the other axis. I had hoped that would give me the territories by county with LA's split over the top. But this didn't work.


      Any suggestions?


      Thanks in advance!