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    Conditional Formatting per cell by calculation

    David Joedicke

      Dear all,


      I have a question to the calculated fields. In my analyses I want to colour all cells of a spcific column green which are 10 % higher then the 14-days-average and all cells of that column that are 10 % below that line in red. It is no problem for me to get the 14-days-average and colour all cells in that row, but I just want that one cell to be coloured.


      Maybe an example makes it easier to understand:


      I have different departments and their sales per day. Now I want to show in which department at which date the sales per day are higher or lower than  the 10 % of the 14-days-average, by colour these cells different.


      I hope this is enough, if not please let me know what you need.


      Thank you for your help