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    Budgets vs Actual

    Joshua Grossman



      I am running into difficulty trying to compute actual spend compared to budgeted ideal spend on a per month basis.


      Here is how I am currently trying to do this.


      First step:


      A) I need to figure out how to calculate % of month completed to get ideal spend. 


      For example if Max([Date]) of the current month is 4/15/2013 then 15/30 = 50% of the month is complete.  This represents 'ideal spend'. 


      I can get the last day of the month by this:




      But I get a data type mismatch, when I try to divide Max([Date]).


      Second Step


      B) Take actual spend and divide this by a constant budget.  For example $100 actual spend divided by $1,000 budget (constant) = 10% of budget is spent.  Is it possible to create a calculated field that is a constant number that I can divide into the actual spend?


      Thanks for your help!

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          Jim Wahl

          Hi Joshua,


          For part A, you probably want to make both of the fields integers. The DAY() function returns an integer value of the day of month for a date field.

          Max date = DAY(MAX([Date]))

          Days in Month = DAY(DATEADD('month',1,DATETRUNC('month',MAX([Date])))-1)


          Note that I also added a MAX() around the date in Days in month for consistency---both calculated fields need to be aggregates.


          I don't know if others will be maintaining this, but your Days in Month calculation was a bit difficult to understand for me initially. I might just assume a 30-day month or hard-code the number of days based on month.


          For part B. You might try using a parameter for your constant of $1000. Just right-click in the left-hand dimensions/measures pane > Create Parameter. You can use this parameter in a calculated field and you can also show a parameter control on the worksheet or dashboard so that it can be adjusted easily, even in an end user view.



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            Alex Kerin

            There was a thread here for looking at number of days in a month: http://community.tableau.com/message/192929

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              Joshua Grossman

              This worked!  Thanks for your help, Jim.


              One more question:


              How can I find the number of days past in a quarter.  I know the function 'dayofyear', is there a 'dayofquarter' or equivalent?



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                Jim Wahl

                Hi Joshua,


                Glad it worked. Here's how I might do "Day of quarter"

                CASE DATEPART('quarter', [Date])

                WHEN 1 THEN DATEDIFF('day', DATE("1/1/"+STR(YEAR([Date]))), [Date])

                WHEN 2 THEN DATEDIFF('day', DATE("4/1/"+STR(YEAR([Date]))), [Date])

                WHEN 3 THEN DATEDIFF('day', DATE("7/1/"+STR(YEAR([Date]))), [Date])

                WHEN 4 THEN DATEDIFF('day', DATE("10/1/"+STR(YEAR([Date]))),[Date])



                Alex's link also might be useful to you, as it seems they've covered some similar issues in probably a lot more detail (Alex and Shawn both have deep experience / expertise with Tableau). ...



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                  Jim Wahl

                  An even easier formula. ...

                  Day in quarter = DATEDIFF('day', DATETRUNC('quarter', [Date]), [Date])